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New Bafang BBS Motor Kill Switches on Order

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Bafang Kill SwitchAnother option for the Hydraulic Brake Switch Dilemna

For installers with hydraulic disc brakes that aren’t happy with adding magnetic switches to their brake levers, we will soon have in stock the “Big Green Button” from Wuxing.

The green button kill switch will plug into one of your brake switch sockets on your BBS loom and will cut out the motor when pressed.

It’s said that it can also be used as a gear shift cut out switch, but I would think it would take a fair bit of effort to remember to press it each time you change gear.

The kill switch is compatible with BBS01, BBS02 and the BBS HD mid drive units.

The switches are currently on order and should be with us and available from our online shop by the second week of May.