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The New Dolphin Battery is Here

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New Dolphin Battery Stock has Arrived

New Dolphin Battery 1We now have in stock and available to buy from our shop this years new dolphin battery. The new Dolphin is more streamlined than the Mk 1 version and we think it would look sleek on any bike.

The battery sports a carbon fibre pattern on its cover with an Ice Blue LED indicator of battery power level down the centre.

An upgraded lock on the battery give you that extra piece of mind with security, just don’t loose your keys, you will have problems getting it off!

The battery comes with  a built in USB charger like the previous dolphin had and has two charging points, one on the cradle and one on the battery for when it is removed.

We have stocked the battery in two voltages, 48v / 11.6Ah and 36v /14.5Ah and are priced £295 & £285 respectively. The 48v unit being slightly more expensive due to having a couple of extra cells installed in it.

As usual from our batteries, the New Dolphins are installed with good quality branded cells, this time from Panasonic and are protected with a decent BMS.

Any questions, just send us a mail through our Contact Us Page